New Patient Visit, adult - Recommended for first office visit. A ninety minute appointment appropriate for most adults. (Please call the office with any questions or concerns with scheduling.)
New Patient Visit, child - A first office appointment for children lasts about seventy-five minutes. Before the appointment Dr. Schmitt may speak with the parent(s) on the phone to receive the delicate information not intended for young ears.

Follow-up visit, standard - A forty-five minute appointment for follow-up of existing problems, or to address one new problem.

Follow-up visit w/ CST - A sixty minute appointment (brief follow-up visit & cranial sacral therapy treatment).

New Patient Cranial Sacral - Cranial Sacral Therapy for new patients, adults  (75 min.) and children (60 min.)

Cranial Sacral Therapy Adult - A follow-up cranial sacral therapy appointment for adults (45 min.)

Cranial Sacral Therapy Children - A follow-up cranial sacral therapy for children (30 min.)

Office visit prices do not include remedies, supplements, medications etc. prescribed by Dr. Schmitt. We do have an extensive inventory in our office but some will need to be special ordered or compounded by a pharmacy.

Phone and skype follow-up apppointments are available upon request. Please call or email for details.

Call us to schedule a free 15 minute initial consultation. 

Questions? Contact us.